Ok well I know it’s still 65 days away but am I the only one who feels this year has simply flown by??? Before we know it, Christmas will be here! So having said that, I’ve made two New-October’s resolutions…

1. To not leave my shopping until Christmas Eve this year. I’m just going to give every single person I know a Matchy Matchy Set HA… don’t be jealous… jokes!! It’s ok I’m not going to do that haha 😉

2. To start running again. So I have more room to eat all the Christmas goodies hahaha. Anyway back to the point…

(3. I’ve added this one for the Mums out there 😉 Christmas can be such a fun, exciting time as we all know. But if you are a Mum or even an Aunt, it can also be a bit stressful at times. Kids yelling their heads off, chasing each other around the kitchen, having mango fights (well that’s what we used to do), falling out of a tree and the list goes on….. Despite all this, to all the Mums out there: a New October’s resolution could be to simplify so you can relax a bit and enjoy the Christmas break more!)

Make sure you pre-order or lay-by a set (or two!) (or three!!) so you don’t miss out for Christmas!

Smile With  teenreasonstosmile.com. 🙂

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