Welcome Matchy Lovers! My name is Jaime and I am the proud creator and owner of Matchy Matchy Sets. I guess you want to hear how it started, right? If not, then jump right in and starprofilet shopping!
So I am 16 years old and own two horses. Bridget and Romeo. Bridget is my beautiful Anglo Arab and Romeo is my cheeky monkey/Australian pony. They both love to roll but especially my pure grey rolly polly Romeo. He’s generally a ‘buckskin’ 99.9% of the time. I love riding down the rail trail which goes right past our house and exploring the beautiful bush land. My favourite things to do besides riding are playing netball, business, hiking, swimming (in our boiling hot summers), hanging out with friends and of course SLEEPING!!!
I have 5 siblings and 2 parents (I know!!!) We live on a very rocky 80 acre property in a small town called Mareeba in North Qld. We also have 8 pet cattle, a few calves (I gave up on trying to pat them long ago) and a zillion wallabies and kangaroos.image
Having two horses that I have to provide food and maintenance for means that I have little spare money for buying gorgeous tack sets and accessories. I searched everywhere on the internet for good quality yet affordable Matchy sets with little success. Another thing you don’t know about me is that not only am I horse crazy, I am also business crazy! Technically you could call me a horse crazy entrepreneur 😉 I saw a huge need for matchy sets in Australia that are both affordable and good quality. And that’s how it all began. I really don’t mind making a little less for your horse/pony to look absolutely gorgeous in their new Matchy!
Maybe you came here looking for new styles/colours. Or maybe you are like me, looking for quality sets within a limited budget. Whatever it is, there is sure to be something for you! Thanks for visiting and be sure to check out my blog and follow us on social media for new product releases, funny stories, competitions and more! Jaime xoxo