What colour suits my horse?

Not sure what colour will suit your horse? With so many colours and combinations to choose from, finding the perfect tack set can be quite a challenge. No problem! Here are 5 helpful tips, some stunning examples thanks to our customers and an awesome NEW app.

1. Dark horse, light colour. Light horse, dark colour. A good place to start. This way, the colour won’t get lost on your horse but rather stand out. Examples: Navy + Palomino, White + Dark Bays.

2. Mint is safe on nearly any horse. Totally stuck? Hint: A Minty colour is stunning on almost EVERY horse. Just take some of the examples below…

3. Bold colours will ‘pop’. Want to be that one who ‘stands out’? A colour that absolutely pops on your horse? BOLD, royal colours are your best friend. Examples: Royal Blue + Black Horse, Red + Bays, Purple + Greys, Pink + Chestnuts.

4. Anything suits Chestnuts. They aren’t light or dark, but in-between. There are so many colours that look great on Chestnuts, making it a tricky decision. I can say that Green, Black and Turquoise and Royal Blue are very popular and look beautiful. Purple looks gorgeous on my chestnut mare, Bridget.

5. Stylish look = Classic colours. Not everyone is into the bright, bold, beautiful look. If you are wanting the more stylish, classy look – go for more classic colours like Burgundy, White, Navy, Tan, and Gold. Ideal also for showing or competing at higher levels.

BONUS: We’ve designed a helpful tool to make that decision a lot easier! Announcing… The Matchy Matchy App. Now available on the App Store and Google Play Store. You can upload a photo of your horse and see what all the colours look like before choosing your favourite.

What colours do you love on your horse? I love Mint on a dapple grey and Tan on black horses. Comment below 🙂

Special thanks to our customers for the photos including Katt, Rebecca, Grace, Lotte, Temma, Megan, Darbee, Abby, Megan, Kathy, Jenni and Hooves Up Equestrian.

50 thoughts on “What colour suits my horse?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hey Cerys, I love Aqua/Light Blue on skewbalds! Have a look on the Matchy Matchy App to get some awesome ideas 🙂

  1. Oceia Hahn Reply

    hi, I’m still unsure of what colour I should choose for my chestnut, I don’t really want something that is bold. I was thinking light blue/aqua but I don’t know if that would look good. thanks

    • admin Post authorReply

      So many colours suit Chestnuts! Aqua is lovely or else green, chocolate or white are beautiful options as well 🙂

    • admin Post authorReply

      Oh yes definitely! Message us on Facebook for a pic of Tan on a chestnut <3

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Have you seen our app? Free to download from the app store – matchy matchy. You can load a photo or take one on your phone and then try the colours on your horse. Its awesome for picking just the right colour for you and your horse. There are so many variations in dun horses, I have one who is nearly white with the black mane and tail and there are others that are so much darker. And, it also comes down to personal preference. Give the app a try. !!

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Jasmine – there are so many variations in colours of roan horses. Bay roan, chestnut roan, black roans, lots of white or minimal white… My best suggestion would be to download the matchy matchy app, load a photo of your horse and try the different colours to see what you like. If you have trouble with this, send me another message.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Depends on how much white your horse has. I have a very loud black and white overo gelding. He has a lot of white and I used the matchy matchy app and found that navy blue suited him the best. Bold colours on lighter horses and darker colours on light horses seems to work. And, there is a lot of personal preference that applies as well.

  2. Oceia Reply

    hi I was wondering if you had a match match set in a terracotta/ brick colour?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi We have a tan or a dusty rose which would be the closest to those colours that we have in stock. Unfortunately no terracotta sorry. You can see all of our colours on the website matchymatchysets.com

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Annabel. Do you have the matchymatchy app? you can load a photo of your horse and try it out. I think if you have a very light palomino the mint might be a bit light in colour but a darker pally it would look fabulous.

  3. Tania Reply

    Do all the sets have polo wrap?? I’ve read the description and they don’t include anything about polo wraps… the picture have them….

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi no only the older sets do as my supplier couldn’t supply them in my order. We haven’t updated the photos as yet because I am having issues with the website accepting the new photos. We substituted leads for the wraps however if you wanted the wraps instead, I can send them as I received my order of bandages this week. Just let me know that you want them when you order however we will then remove the lead. International orders we send the wraps but have to remove the bandages due to the weight restrictions of international shipping. Hope this all makes sense

  4. Anabela Lynden Reply

    Hi, my horse is white with a slight flea-bitten pattern, do you have any suggestions for colors?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Lavender looks good on a grey and so does the ocean. Our poster horse ‘Boss’ is nearly white and he just rocks the ocean set. Lavender is a little more quiet if you don’t want to really stand out but still want to look great. Navy and royal also look great on a grey especially if they have that blueish grey look. If you haven’t seen our app the Matchymatchy app which is free from the app store, you can use it to load a pic of your horse and try on the colours. This way you can pick a colour that suits both you and your horse.

  5. Mia Cartwright Reply

    What would look good on a dark bay/ almost black ? Apart from red !! Thanks X

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Mia
      I would say just about any colour would as the bright colours will really pop and the lighter colours like lavender will be offset against the dark coat. Aqua and ocean will look really good. Ocean looks fabulous on any bay and would probably be my pick of colours for a bay. It will also depend on the colours you like as well. Have you seen the app? MatchyMatchy app is free on the app store. Download it, load a pic of your horse and try the colours on. Its a great way of seeing what you like on your horse as well and if you are matching yourself with your horses wardrobe, you can pick a colour that suits both you and your horse.

  6. Brooke Reply

    I have a bay pinto mare with a half bald face and some small spot under her stomach and I don’t know what colors to go with for showing?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Brooke
      We have an app called Matchy Matchy and its free to download on the app store. You can load a photo of your horse and try the colours on. Its a ton of fun. For bay horses I personally really like the ocean sets. But a lot of colours work so well on a bay horse. It sounds like she is mostly dark with a small amount of white. Red, lavender, mint and the blues like aqua and royal all look really nice as well. If you want to match your own clothes, look at what colours you like to wear and you can base your mares colours with that as well. Try the app, It a ton of fun and you will be addicted to loading photos and playing with colours !!

  7. Drew Reply

    hi what colours do you think would suit a skewbald mare and a piebald mare

    looking for colours for at home and for when we go competing.

    thanks xx

    • admin Post authorReply

      You could really go with any colour. I like ocean on bays/browns and dark coated horses. If you want a colour to pop and stand out then I would look at red. If you like more subtle colours go for lavender, maroon or black and turquoise. I think most colours would suit. Have you seen our app? Simply called Matchymatchy you can download it for free, load a pic of your horse and try different colours on. Its good fun and great for deciding what colours will suit.

  8. Allison Reply

    I have a Fleabitten stally and was wondering.. do they suit dark blue?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Yes !! Blues suit all greys. Other colours which are nice is the purples on greys. So lavender or dark purple.

  9. Paige Reply

    Would a black and light turquoise western set match a darkish bay? I’ve had trouble figuring it out and I’m not sure on how the black would look

    • admin Post authorReply

      yes most definitely would. If you have a look on either my insta or FB pages there is a gorgeous bay horse on there ridden by a girl jumping. The saddle pad looks amazing on this horse. If you cant find the pic send me an email to hello@matchymatchysets.com and I will send you the photo

  10. Siena Taylor Reply

    i have heard that any colour in the red family will not suit a chestnut is this true and what are your favorites for a chestnut mare?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Purple is a stand out and so is aqua. If you like a more subtle look, the charcoal with candy trim is an awesome option as well (its also on special) And I also like the navy or hunter green on chestnuts. Another option would be the lime green diamonte set which is new. It will pop on a chestnut. Depending on the colour chestnut of your horse – liver and red will be fine, but the more red chestnut you might find the colour doesn’t stand out as much.

  11. Paige Reply

    I have a white and some black on the legs pony and I don’t know if red will look good????

    • admin Post authorReply

      Red will absolutely pop on your horse. Red is a stand out on a black horse and the contrast also against the white will look amazing. Pop on a red shirt and you and your horse will be so striking and a stand out in the crowd !!

    • admin Post authorReply

      Pretty much all the colours will suit being a broken coloured horse. If the brown is bay, the ocean will look amazing. It looks fabulous on white greys and also on bays so the combination of colours your horse has will be a perfect match. !!

    • admin Post authorReply

      Dapple greys are fabulous to dress up. I would go with lavender or any of the blues. Lavender looks amazing on dapple greys and the blues will enhance the grey dapples. Hope this helps.

  12. Ariana Reply

    Would purple look good on a buckskin plz gimme some nice colors for a buckskin I do barrels she is a lighter tan kind of like and apricot color

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi. Just about any strong/bold colour would suit. Like the purple, royal blue, navy, maroon, black and turquoise or even the new lime green with diamontes. If you go with the purple, I have in full size black trims and logo or white – so you get to choose. I would probably go with the black because of the black mane and tail and points on the horse. However, its just a trim and if you like to pop a bit more with colour the white trims will certainly do that for you.

  13. Ariana Reply

    Would purple look good on a buckskin plz gimme some nice colors for a buckskin I do barrels she is a apricot color on her tan part

    • admin Post authorReply

      yes purple would look great (we have full size with either black or white trims – you get to choose) . Or ocean, navy and the lime diamonte sets look great. The black and turquoise or the black and silver glitter sets will make the black legs, mane and tail stand out. Heaps of colours look great on a buckskin they are such a neutral colour.

  14. Jai Reply

    I was thinking about getting a horse and I was wondering what colour would suit it… Hes a mousy grey kind of colour and i thought a nice plum coloured saddle blanket would look nice… I dont know..

    • admin Post authorReply

      Everything looks amazing on greys !! They are such a neutral colour that everything looks fabulous so you are winning there. Best way of deciding on a colour is to think about what you like as well. Will you colour match to your horses gear as well? We also have an app where you can try different colours on your horse. Its a ton of fun and free to download from the app store. Download and enter a pic of your horse and you can try the different colours on. Makes it easier to choose from our huge range !!

  15. Flyingequine Reply

    Hey, I can’t decide between red or dark navy for my bay… suggestions??

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Thanks for your enquiry – either of these will look amazing. Bays are so easy to colour match as just about anything goes with them. One thing to keep in mind is if you want to accentuate the colours on your horse by what you are wearing. If you like wearing red, then you are all set !! If navy is your thing and you have clothing you want to match with your horse in Navy this is perfect !! You can also try our Matchy Matchy App – free on the app store – you can download it, load a pic of your horse and try different colours on – its a ton of fun and an easy way of seeing what colours you really like

  16. Lottie Reply

    I might be getting a chestnut mare with a blonde ish mane, and i was wondering what colours would match her. I dont want bold colours though.
    Thank you

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi I like the greens on chestnuts but also lavender works well too. The tone of red in your horse will depend on what really clicks on them. You can try our Matchy Matchy App – free to download from the app store. You can load a picture of your horse and try different colours on. If you have any troubles, message me via FB with a pic of your horse and I can do it for you and send you the photos of the colours Hope this helps.

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