Not sure what colour will suit your horse? With so many colours and combinations to choose from, finding the perfect tack set can be quite a challenge. No problem! Here are 5 helpful tips, some stunning examples thanks to our customers and an awesome NEW app.

1. Dark horse, light colour. Light horse, dark colour. A good place to start. This way, the colour won’t get lost on your horse but rather stand out. Examples: Navy + Palomino, White + Dark Bays.

2. Mint is safe on nearly any horse. Totally stuck? Hint: A Minty colour is stunning on almost EVERY horse. Just take some of the examples below…

3. Bold colours will ‘pop’. Want to be that one who ‘stands out’? A colour that absolutely pops on your horse? BOLD, royal colours are your best friend. Examples: Royal Blue + Black Horse, Red + Bays, Purple + Greys, Pink + Chestnuts.

4. Anything suits Chestnuts. They aren’t light or dark, but in-between. There are so many colours that look great on Chestnuts, making it a tricky decision. I can say that Green, Black and Turquoise and Royal Blue are very popular and look beautiful. Purple looks gorgeous on my chestnut mare, Bridget.

5. Stylish look = Classic colours. Not everyone is into the bright, bold, beautiful look. If you are wanting the more stylish, classy look – go for more classic colours like Burgundy, White, Navy, Tan, and Gold. Ideal also for showing or competing at higher levels.

BONUS: We’ve designed a helpful tool to make that decision a lot easier! Announcing… The Matchy Matchy App. Now available on the App Store and Google Play Store. You can upload a photo of your horse and see what all the colours look like before choosing your favourite.

What colours do you love on your horse? I love Mint on a dapple grey and Tan on black horses. Comment below 🙂

Special thanks to our customers for the photos including Katt, Rebecca, Grace, Lotte, Temma, Megan, Darbee, Abby, Megan, Kathy, Jenni and Hooves Up Equestrian.