Hey everyone! I hope you had an awesome Christmas break and I apologise for not blogging more often. I’m currently sitting under the fan which is on 3, and still sweating from the heat! If you live in Australia, you know that when I say ‘sweating’ I actually mean ‘DRIPPING IN SWEAT’. For all the Americans and Canadians out there, let me just say that throwing snow balls and sipping hot chocolate sounds rather appealing right now…

Anyway enough about the weather! I’ve got some news to share. Where to start?

Matchy Matchy is coming to Equifest! Yes that means you will be seeing my smiling face and a rainbow of colourful Matchy sets and M&Ms when you walk in the front gate at Equifest Sydney on 29 March 2017. There are heaps of exciting things planned for this event so you don’t want to miss out! I am 100% looking forward to watching others conquer the giant red wall (in my simplest terms) and the Australian Brumby Challenge.

The next shipment of stock is being sent from my suppliers right now as I type. Hopefully I will be able to start sending pre-orders next week. In this new shipment, some awesome new prints, styles and sizes are coming. Absolutely LOVING the new Vintage Rose print which was designed and produced by Google and Myself. I’ve ordered white sets specially for those who’s horses love rolling in mud… JOKES! We have had requests for plain sets to compete or train in so they will be coming in Dressage and AP style. Which reminds me. Due to the regular reminders that there are some dressage riders who don’t use jumping gear… DRESSAGE SETS ARE COMING!! In mint, black and turquoise, aqua, white and purple to start 🙂 How exciting. And finally, we have cob size being introduced in almost every colour and even some pony sizes added to the line.

So that’s all I can think of for now. Check back next week for an exciting blog on sponsored riders and a special surprise that I have been working on! Signing off xo

Ps. The gorgeous photos in today’s post are of Hayley and her horse Richie. You can follow them on instagram @galloping.richie. Photos by Stacey Thomas Photography.

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