Looking for matching saddle pads and bonnets for your Pony Club or team?

Our equestrian clubs are valued by Matchy Matchy as they form the cornerstone for education and advancement of our riders.

Supporting all clubs is difficult and expensive so Matchy Matchy has developed a rewards program to help just that little bit.

Any club member who purchases a Matchy Matchy Set and nominates their preferred equestrian club or charity on their order form, a $10 gift voucher will be donated to that club on their behalf for the club to use as they see fit.

They may choose to redeem the voucher for goods or use the voucher as a prize for an event or part of a raffle. Any club who also purchases saddlepads and other matching accessories may also be eligible for some free gifts.

Club Saddlepads and Accessories.

Matchy Matchy is excited to be able to help outfit equestrian teams. Whether you belong to a club or a team or just a supportive group of riders we can help you with all of your promotional team apparel for you and your horse.

We can supply team/club saddlepads in your style, colour and preferred stitch patterns complete with your logo embroidered on both sides delivered to your club. Pair them up with a matching bonnet and/or boot sets/bandages and really be recognised in the crowd.

Orders may be in a variety of sizes (mini, pony, cob, full) to suit individual team members.  Our minimum order quantity is 5 sets. Saddlepads can also be made in a single style but monogrammed with different lettering and this can be individualised according to requirements.

Do you need to match your riders as well? Equestrian polos also are available and are made to order. Polos can be made in a standard collar or dressage collar. Shirts can be embroidered or sublimated depending on the team requirements.


Needing ideas for prizes?

Do you have your end of year/high point  presentations coming up?

Monogrammed horse rugs, monogrammed and embroidered saddlepads or engraved leather halters are the perfect gift for those you need to reward for all of their hard work throughout the year.

Need more information? Contact us for ideas on what and how we can help you. Quotes are free and Mock ups can be done so you can get an idea of what the final product will look like.

Contact us today.