Hi everyone! I thought I would start my blog by sharing a quick story about my Australian Pony, Romeo 🙂

On our farm, there is a small 1 acre paddock where cassava, pumpkins and sweet potato are grown. We spent hours and hours making this paddock wallaby proof. We patched and fenced like 5 or 6 times because the wallabies kept breaking through. So finally it was wallaby proof and the crops were able to grow. A few months went by and the crops were growing beautifully. That is, until a tornado struck. Well actually it wasn’t a tornado (um we don’t even have them in Australia) it was a very rolly polly, cheeky pony by the name of Romeo! He managed to undo the latch on the gate by himself and let all the animals in for a HUGE midnight feast! Like he needed to gain any more weight… In the morning, we found the gate left WIDE open and a few fresh clues lying around. Romeo just looked at me with his ‘I am 100% innocent’ face. AHHHHHHHHHHHH

Note to self. Double lock every gate on property.